Liz has been referred to as ‘Confidence Ninja’, ‘Cheerleader’ and even ‘Aunty Butt-Kick’. Whatever you call it, coaching has power as these testimonials attest:

Your Best You Career and Confidence Coachi

Sarah, Business Development Director, Blue Apple Contract Catering

“Liz, thank you for your 1-hour talk yesterday. It was an inspirational training session and you were absolutely brilliant. Everyone loved it!

“One of our team posted a video of her wearing the glasses and holding a ‘what went well’ meeting on our internal portal today, so you obviously made an impact.

“You nailed it!”

Debbie, Head of Consulting & Solutions

“I have always been an advocate of coaching, it is an immeasurable activity that can truly help individuals to achieve their goals and live a more contented personal and / or professional life. I knew this year was a year for change but I did not know just how much change would occur – my starting point 6 months ago is totally different from the direction I am heading towards now and it feels GREAT! Before my sessions with Liz I would often have butterflies – in a good way, because I knew I would be stretched and encouraged to dig in deep and ask truthfully of myself and my purpose. I highly recommend working with Liz, she is relentless (in a good way) fun and caring. If you want a coach who will cheerlead for you but will never let you slack then Liz is the lady for you.”

Sarah, researcher & writer

“Liz is a wonderfully warm, positive and professional coach with great humour and empathy. Although working with her was not always an easy process (every coaching session challenged me and I would often finish the call feeling exhausted!), the results were definitely worth it. Liz has helped me become more confident in my own abilities and she has given me the tools to continue to make positive changes in my working life.”

Jo, photographer

“I took the time to complete Liz’s “10 Questions” eBook and was surprised by what it threw out in the open for me.  It really made me dig deep and think about what mattered.  My mindset has changed and I have taken a giant step towards a big life change.  I now see Liz regularly for business coaching and she is masterful at creating a conversation whereby I can ‘think big’ and explore the possibilities and where they might take me.”

Liz, commercial manager and writer

“When I initially approached Liz, I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted the outcome of the coaching to be, other than it didn’t feel like I was getting the most out of my life and I needed a clearer plan. Liz helped me to identify what was important to me and connect with my emotions more consciously. With greater understanding of my priorities, I was able to make better decisions about how I spent my time and identify where I needed to invest more in my relationships. Liz is extremely kind and compassionate, but pushed me hard and challenged me at every step along the way. With Liz’s support I have made some significant changes to my life and now look to the future with energy and excitement. Thank you Liz.”

Claire, senior IT procurement manager

“I approached Liz as I was stuck in a rut without a clear path forward. Liz has been fantastic — she helped me to connect with everything I want for my future and build a plan around this. I feel much closer to my goals now and I’ve actually changed jobs too!

Liz has great objectivity, empathy, humour and enthusiasm — a great combination and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone wanting to reach a goal, needing a little help along the way.”

Eva, company director

“The coaching I had was incredibly powerful. I notice now when the business is moving forward how much I actually took away from the sessions. I think it made me braver amongst other things.”

Melanie, creative strategist

“I wanted to continue my work with Liz Balmford as I found it so valuable for getting over blocks and focusing on my life and business life holistically and was delighted to be invited to join a small coaching group of likeminded people. Meeting once a month keeps me on track (with Liz’s inimitable blend of pushing and refusing to accept any excuses) and makes this an affordable long term coaching approach — ideal after an initial course of one-to-one coaching.”

Alison, writer

“When I joined Liz’s coaching group, the 4 of us all had mountains to climb. None of us has reached the top yet, but we have all made incredible progress and learnt a lot along the way! Liz has so much wisdom to share, she is kind and caring. But she also challenges us and encourages us to be brave, to overcome our obstacles and to figure out what we really think about things. Being in Liz’s coaching group has helped me to get unstuck, to remember to nurture myself and keep my dreams alive. Thank you Liz!”

Jenny, nutritionist

“Coaching with Liz has been a turning point in my career as a nutritionist. Under her expert guidance I am now more effective at winning new business, and more confident in my approach with patients. She has helped me recognise that sometimes when I procrastinate it is because I am scared… and to own and recognise those feelings. How empowering! As a result I reckon my investment in 3 months coaching has paid back about 10 fold in new business (8 x3 month programmes secured following Liz’s intervention).” www.inspirednutrition.co.uk

“Liz’s group coaching gives a whole new dynamic, which is really benefiting my business. Each month I get the opportunity to think through the strategic things I should be working on, to try and make time for these in a busy working week. The support of the group is great, and there is also the opportunity to learn from other businesses, and share our skills to an extent.”

Sarah, pharmaceutical director

“Liz really helped me at a challenging time in my career. The exercises we carried out re-energised me and enabled me to create a positive vision for myself in my work and home life.”

Susan, management consultant

“As a result of coaching with Liz, I not only have greater clarity about my ideal job, but also the confidence that I will be able to achieve it. I have greater self-awareness, which has enabled me to explore my feelings and behaviours in a more objective manner and then take steps to improve.”

Rose, writer

“Coaching has given me a chance to develop thoughts I’ve had for a while about how I want to change my career and relationships — I’d never have been able to do this by myself. I like that Liz listened to me and identified with me, it made me realise the importance of being around like-minded people.”

Mark, company director

“Liz has an amazing ability to get to the heart of an issue without being harsh. She can guide one along the path to self realisation and a conclusion that seems so familiar once achieved. The process becomes a journey not a chore.”

Daisy, equine consultant

“I thought that coaching with Liz would be interesting but I had no idea that it would actually be life changing! Liz is an amazing coach – she is easy to talk to and makes you feel instantly relaxed and comfortable; she pushes you when you need pushing but knows when to step back. We laughed, we cried and I definitely came out of the sessions a better version of me.

“Coaching helps you to question what really matters, find the answers that you had all along and gives you the opportunity to make fresh starts where needed. The ultimate outcome for me was finding myself again. I am now in a position I am happy with and ready to take on the future. I am living my life and not merely existing in it.”

Bryan, singer, teacher and adjudicator
“Liz was fantastic in enabling me to work towards the goals I’d set, and ultimately, to change those goals and find that they were, actually, quite easily achieved… The key for me was allowing me to recognise that I had all the answers and all the questions, too – but hadn’t before co-ordinated them!”

Chris, teacher and football referee
“I would definitely recommend Liz to anyone who needs a bit of guidance to find themselves again. The knowledge, enthusiasm and personality she brings to the sessions really mean that you can get out of the sessions what you want and more.”

Beth, singer
“Liz’s coaching gently but inexorably obliged me (unfocused, flapping, “never-enough-time,” and vaguely resentful with everything and everyone) to consider my priorities and to DO something about them. She doesn’t let you get away with throw-away or habitual negative thoughts, reactions or comments. Almost without realising I’d done it, even before my sessions were completed, I’d designed and put on a show and got myself up there on stage where I want to be…”

Igho, coach and musician

“Through working with Liz I have now set my career path and improved my relationships with my wife and father.

“Working with Liz has woken up the giant in me. She has guided me to a point of no limits in all areas of my life.”

Naomi, singer

“I feel that I have pushed myself to do more performing as a result of my sessions with Liz. I feel like I had a mind block with getting back on stage, due to a confidence knock.

“I am more driven now – due to facing some internal fears that have been buried for a while. It is also great support to have Liz to release to… there ain’t no hiding!!

“I am definitely challenging the demons in my personal life and I think that as a performer I am growing stronger because of this.

“I would say that this is not something that is to be taken lightly. You do have to be prepared to keep an open mind about yourself. Be prepared to open ‘Pandora’s Box’.”

Robbie, artist

“I came to Liz at a low point in my career and self esteem. It was not a lack of options but the reverse: how to apply what I like doing (art and design) to earning a living?

“My first session with Liz was totally positive. It was very enjoyable to be encouraged to spend an hour indulging in introspection! Liz has a range of excellent mechanisms to help one ask oneself the questions which help to bring clarity. She stands as an impartial coach, hinting and helping but without influencing.

“Straight after my first session, I was motivated to cold call new clients and seek work I am passionate about: storyboarding for film and TV. This led to three jobs in the first week and it continues to snowball. I quickly set up a new web site www.robbiemills.co.uk

“Professionally and personally, the benefits of Liz’s sessions have been unexpectedly profound and continue to reveal themselves.”

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