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“I took the time to complete Liz’s “10 Questions” eBook and was surprised by what it threw out in the open for me.  It really made me dig deep and think about what mattered.  My mindset has changed and I have taken a giant step towards a big life change.  I now see Liz regularly for business coaching and she is masterful at creating a conversation whereby I can ‘think big’ and explore the possibilities and where they might take me.” Jo, photographer


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This article and worksheet helps you become more conscious of all the good things in your life. Its purpose is to help you attract more of what you want.


It’s easy to forget how fabulous you actually are. This article and worksheet helps you notice what’s already great about you.


This exercise (taken from Fabienne Fredrickson’s is a sure-fire method of uncovering genius ways around a problem — whether that problem be lack of money, lack of inspiration or confusion on what to do next.

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