Whom do you usually coach?

I work one-to-one and with groups helping people establish what sort of work ‘lights their fire’ and helping them take a no excuses approach to getting more of it.

Do you have experience in my industry / with my issue?

Since I’m not providing any solutions it doesn’t matter if I know nothing about your area of expertise. I’ve coached lawyers, chefs and directors in global organisations. It’s not my experience that’s relevant. It’s yours. It’s your life and you’re the expert. I employ techniques to help you identify your own answers.

What are your specialist areas?

Helping people to their life’s work — and helping them step up confidently to all their working challenges. We all lack confidence in certain areas of our lives or in certain situations — and we all have times or places when we feel confident. Addressing things like work-life balance, personal/professional boundaries and goal-setting, I help people establish what their dream work is and where their strengths lie, and then I guide them to their own answers and solutions to break through their limits to become unstoppable in their career or business.

I have a new specialty in public speaking coaching. Lots of business owners struggle to convey what they do in a compelling way, so I’ve devised a unique process to help them make the most of speaking opportunities—whether that’s delivering a formal talk, or just chatting over coffee.

How are you different from other career or business coaches?

Clear, tangible goals can help people move forward and achieve more. However, I coach on a very emotional level. I’ve found that a connection to how someone will feel in their possible future — really getting them to experience the emotions involved — is a more powerful and more consistently successful way of helping people get where they want to be.  I find most people want to achieve greater self-confidence in specific areas of their life.  Self-confidence is all about feeling a certain way in a given moment or situation.  Feelings are powerful motivators, so focussing on them is a great way to instigate and sustain change.

What sort of person do you work with best and what will be expected from me?

The process I use works best for people who are committed to making a change and willing to stretch themselves. To get the most out of this process, you must be willing to invest time, money and emotional energy.

Coaching can be very challenging (and occasionally upsetting), but in my experience it always leads to greater self-understanding and greater choice. Have a look at my testimonials page for reassurance about how gentle I can be. Don’t expect me to be a push-over, though; I will use tough love if I think you’re being too soft on yourself.

How will we work together and what does the process entail?

Discovering the best version of you — and being that version most of the time — requires self-understanding, clarity, action and momentum.  My coaching programmes take you through a step-by-step process to help you on your path to your best you.

I use my own, unique 5-step process called ‘D.I.E.T.S.’ (no, it’s nothing to do with what you eat):

  1. Discover — establishing what makes you tick
    What are your values and beliefs?  Which of these are truly yours — that you choose to inform your daily life — and which might have been inherited from family, friends, schools and cultural convention?  The powerful question, “if you knew you couldn’t fail, what might you do next?” sums up this part of the process as we uncover where you truly want to be.
  2. Inspire — uncovering what really motivates you
    Using a powerful connection to your emotions, we establish a truly desirable, ultimate outcome.  This is the really fun part!  We cautiously stay away from ‘how?’ and excitedly stay in ‘what?’ and ‘why?’ as we uncover all sorts of possibilities for a future you.
  3. Empower — moving away the blocks
    This is the part where we get into ‘how?’ and come up against all sorts of blocks.  We work to understand these blocks and, from this place of understanding, we find power and choice.  This can be a tough part of the coaching journey, but courage at this point will pay dividends later.  We deal with negative outcomes and focus on positive possibility.
  4. Transform — taking action
    We set actions, monitor progress and work towards transformation.
  5. Sustain — enjoying sustainable results
    During the coaching process we notice what works for you and put practical strategies in place to support positive progress and sustain success.
Do you have different programme options?

As well as a pay-as-you-go option, I have two programmes: Fast Track and Standard. The main difference between them is the amount of time that you’re prepared to invest. I also have different rates for charitable organisations / NGOs.

How long are your coaching programmes?

6 months: in my experience it takes this long to have a lasting impact.  Any shorter and there’s a risk that any changes achieved won’t be sustained.

  • In month one we discover—you tell me all about you and we establish an inspiring goal or vision.
  • Month two is about setting a plan to get from where you are now to where you want to be.
  • The following months are about reviewing your progress and setting further actions to help you continue your journey.
  • The penultimate month is about setting a sustainable plan and reviewing your inspiring goal.
  • The last month is the completion of our journey.
Does career coaching and public speaking coaching really work?

Yes: providing you’re willing to put the work in. If you’re courageous enough to commit to a programme of coaching with me — and invest time and energy between each session — it has every chance of working. Have a look at the testimonials page for an idea of what other people have gained from the process.

What results can I expect?

It very much depends on what you want to achieve going into the process. Increased confidence, self-awareness, clarity and choice are oft-reported outcomes. Everyone uses these differently because everyone’s journey is unique.

How quickly can I expect results?

I recommend between 6 and 10 sessions over a minimum of 6 months. We want to talk every week or so (even if that’s for a brief ‘stay-on-track’ phone call) so that you don’t lose momentum. It’s also important that you have time to complete actions and make changes between sessions.

How can I guarantee myself that I will achieve what I want from coaching with you?

Coaching is not a ‘quick fix’. You might have many epiphanies and many inspiring sessions, but long term, sustainable change requires consistent action. So it’s how you think and behave between sessions and once the coaching has finished that makes the difference and will have the biggest impact on your life.

Will I get a return on my investment from your coaching programme?

The tools you learn will be re-usable throughout your life, so whilst you might not have a tangible monetary outcome that will prove your return on investment (although many people do), you will come away with lots of clarity and knowledge about yourself that you can put to use for the rest of your life.

Do people ever sign up for more programmes?

Yes. Life is a journey and we can all do with help at certain points in that journey. Many of my past coaching clients have come back for further life coaching, business and workplace coaching. Some people like to start with a 6-month programme of one-to-one coaching and then join one of my groups to sustain and prolong the energy that coaching provides.

Do you offer any discounts?

My two programmes offer the best value for money — effectively these are discounted from my standard ‘pay-as-you-go’ rate.

Does there have to be a good fit between our personalities?

If, having read through this page, you want to work with me, I’d be delighted to speak to you on a ‘get acquainted’ session (usually on the phone or Skype). However, I’m very selective in whom I work with. There has to be a good fit between our approach and personalities and it’s a waste of my time and yours if this fit is absent. I’m very happy to recommend you to another coach if I think you won’t benefit from working with me.

Liz, based on what I’ve read here, I’d like to start coaching with you. How do I get started?

Let’s talk. Please get in touch so that we can schedule an informal chat where we can get acquainted and I can find out more about what you want to achieve from coaching with me.  During this call I can walk you through the different programmes to help you establish which one will be the best for you:

  • The Fast Track option offers the best value for money and is for high achievers who want to speed up their results.  This includes weekly coaching on the phone as well as hour-long monthly sessions.
  • The Standard option is for individuals who are committed to taking action for lasting change and success.  This includes 45-minute monthly sessions and some short ‘stay-on-track’ calls.
  • For self-starters who are motivated to take consistent action to achieve their goals, there is a Pay-as-you-go option — this can work well for people who’ve already coached with me and understand the ‘D.I.E.T.S.’ coaching process.
I think I’d like to proceed. I have a couple of questions, though. Can we talk?

Of course. Please get in touch via the form on the contact us page and I’ll get in touch with you.

Please contact me to discuss coaching options, sign up for my free workbook (10 Questions to Transform Your Career), or click here for some free coaching tools.

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