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Liz Balmford Executive Coach

Liz Balmford, Executive Coach

  • Are you on the talent list?
  • Have you recently been promoted and feel out of your depth?
  • Do you sometimes feel like an impostor waiting to be found out?
  • Do you sometimes worry that you’re approaching burnout?

It can be inappropriate to identify and work through challenges, strengths, blocks, vulnerabilities and opportunities within the workplace. Recognising these sorts of issues can be seen as a weakness—and appearing weak when building one’s career is seen as wholly undesirable. Even the most capable people can be derailed if they don’t identify and address these issues.

Executive coaching provides a safe, confidential forum for talented executives and leaders to explore what’s going on for them and find solutions to help them achieve their goals. It helps them achieve clarity, focus and a ‘no-excuses’ approach.

Whether you’re an individual who’d like one-to-one coaching to help you move to the next level in your career, or you’re an HR professional who wants to commission coaching for employees, I can help.

For more information on executive coaching, please contact me to discuss options.

Liz Balmford ACC

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