Confidence Coaching

Whilst we might not want to admit to lack of confidence, we all feel unconfident in certain situations.  If we’re to achieve our goals and succeed in life, we must stretch out of our comfort zones, which is likely to make us feel unconfident.  This is where confidence coaching can help.

Confidence coaching helps you unlock your own answers. Through listening, questioning, challenging and butt-kicking, I guide you to uncover your own motivations, priorities and dreams, and help you explore…


Liz Balmford, Confidence Coach

  • What you want (your dreams and goals)
  • What you’re good at (your innate talents and skills)
  • What’s important to you and what you stand for (your beliefs and values)
  • What motivates you (your secret weapon)
  • What stops you (your inner gremlins)

Fueled by all the knowledge of the above, I help you devise a plan to get you to where you want to be—and help you take a no excuses approach to getting there.  Including how you’re going to manage the inevitable discomfort when you’re stretching your comfort zone.

Confidence coaching is not counselling, training or mentoring—you might find you need one or all of these interventions as you go through life.

For more information on confidence coaching, please contact me to discuss coaching options.

Liz Balmford ACC

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