Coaching Programmes

My coaching programmes typically takes place over a 6 month period. In my experience it takes this long to have a lasting impact.  Any shorter and there’s a risk that any changes achieved won’t be sustained.

Broadly, there are three options, which can be flexed according to your needs:

Fast Track

Fast Track Coaching Package

The Fast Track coaching programme offers the best value for money and is for high achievers who want to speed up their results.  This includes weekly coaching on the phone as well as hour-long monthly sessions. 


Standard Coaching Programme

The Standard coaching programme is for individuals who are committed to taking action for lasting change and success.  This includes a one-hour session and a 30-minutes ‘stay-on-track’ call per month.  


Pay as you go coaching programme

For self-starters who are motivated to take consistent action to achieve their goals, there is a Pay-as-you-go option—this can work well for people who’ve already coached with me and understand the coaching process.

According to research carried out by the International Coach Federation:

“99% of people who’ve experienced coaching are satisfied with the overall experience. In fact, 96% indicated they would repeat the process given the same circumstances that prompted their seeking a coach in the first place.”

Coaching programmes increase productivity, make people generally more positive and deliver a fantastic return on investment.

For more information on my coaching programmes, please contact me to discuss options.

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