Liz Balmford, Lead Coach and Director

Let’s face it, we all need our butt kicked now and then, so that’s what I do to help my clients be their best. (And I make sure I have my own coach on speed-dial to kick my butt on a regular basis.) The powerful transformations I’ve witnessed as a result of coaching continue to inspire me, so I’m on a mission to bring coaching to as many people as I can.

What lights my fire is helping people identify and shine their unique light—and helping them have a blast in the process. Encouraging people to connect to (and own) their emotions, has so much impact. I’m continually delighted by the results of a well-phrased question or a well-timed silence.

I am an Associate Certified Coach of the International Coach Federation and have a Certificate in Professional Coaching Practice.

I’m based in Henley on Thames, so many of my clients come from Berkshire, Oxfordshire or Buckinghamshire.  However, this process can work just as well over the phone or on Skype, so there are no geographical constraints.

I came to coaching through my singing teaching practice. I noticed lots of my students had talent and were working hard to prepare for performances, but sometimes when it came to it they held themselves back. I started coaching my students and saw some amazing transformations in their levels of performance and levels of confidence.

LizBalmford_sing01I encourage all my clients to live a full, rich, varied life, which isn’t solely about work. My ‘outside work vice’ is musical theatre, so I sing with vocal comedy group, Vocalarity.

If you’d like to know more about Your Best You, please contact me to discuss coaching options.

All my photos where taken by the fabulous Jo Scott of Jo Scott Images.



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